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Session13 Political Sci 3EE3 Summer 2013

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Political Science
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Dr.J.A.Sandy Irvine

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Review 3EE3 IR North-South Intervention – Ron Paul (Analogy of Oil in Texas)  Hypocrisy  Domestic affairs should be handled & shouldn’t be intervened in  Interest in intervention?  Texas (Why use Texas) o Power relations o Economics & Budget o Is Ron Paul naïve? No, you have to deal with power & interests and have to set up bases to protect interests. o Securitizing topics and issues o The idea is that you project others as a security threat when you may not be. o The cause of terrorism in this perspective is US intervention overseas. Root of terrorism and fear of terrorism is foreign policy meddling.  Flipping the tables in identity o Iraqi ‘terrorists’ similar to US ‘terrorists’ o Constructivists and post-structuralists critical approach in terms of framing o Paul is trying to argue that we should reconsider who the enemy is  There’ also seems to be a challenge to the belief that the Americans are doing good overseas o Because American’s wouldn’t accept foreign troops in their lands  Historical record o Perpetuation and what will later be reflected o Whether or not people know or understand what is right or wrong and what is seen as socially acceptable o How do you decide what is right and wrong  Are there practices which we don’t agree with o Transnational advocacy networks  Weak actors within a state are helped from powerful actors outside to support things like women’s rights.  Could challenge Paul on this point? o It’s not that intervention is necessarily bad (prof), if there’s a middle ground where intervention is necessary. Often done very slowly, and sometimes the problems that are created through intervention are almost as bad as the causes that led to the intervention in the first place. o Unless intervention is effective, shouldn’t be doing it.  Bad actors may use poor interventions for their purpose as well  Appeal to patriotism and comparison to Rome  QUESTIONS 1. Complexity of the problem, making sure that you put the alternative perspective on the paper, when challenging it. Preparation Questions 1. Particular readings (Ayers) a. Course is not taught from textbook to best indication is Lecture notes and in particular overheads… b. Readings offer up elaboration on these points, so do need to know the readings in order to cite the readings (at least one reading PER lecture). c. Case studies 2. How would you describe the relationship between the Global north and the Global South? a. Complex, disadvantageous to the South – Migration, bilateral trade agreements, i. Alternative to the weak nature of the Global South? (The global south has reaped the benefits of the global North…Benefit from international regimes? Rise of the South, in terms of benefits being reaped in the south).
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