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Political Science
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Peter Graefe

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Mar. 3 Poli Sci 3J03 • Hourglass out of Shape report Unions do not want to move in • • Public policy should shape jobs • Need to raise the floor to invent more strongly • Role of the state to compensate the losers? Martin Prosperity Institute • • Avoid skill mismatches • Do not waste skill and talents of immigrants • Should be access to new social and safety nets Low wage workers should have benefits • • Could produce productivity in the workplace • People retiring off low wage work, with little to live off • Placing Ontario in Space and Time • Welfare Triangle • Markets • Buy welfare from private actors • States • Social provisions • Families • Relations of care • We can get welfare from diff sources • Three poles producing 3 • Worlds of Welfare Capitalism by Esping-Anderson • Liberalism • Social assistance; markets play large role • Primary role for markets • We rely on people to look after their own wellbeing through employment • Can buy care through forms of purchase • Families produce the secondary form of welfare • State plays a residual role; only assists in the last case scenario • Corporatism/Conservative • Social insurance; state plays large role • Related to countries in Central Europe Relies heavily on families and the state to produce forms of care and aid • • Govern politics by incorporating corporation and business calss • Social Democratic • Social insurance; state plays large role The state plays the largest role in providing forms of insurance to people • • Markets are secondary Mar. 3 • Counterintuitive? States cannot provide on its own, needs to push people into work • Family plays a minor role in this system • Everyone works, little capacity for family • Ontario is a liberal welfare state • Development of social policy in O
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