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History of the Welfare State, March 5

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Political Science
Peter Graefe

Mar. 5 Poli Sci 3J03 • Post-War Welfare State Breadwinner family • • Set of expectations over who gives the care • Forms of lasting partnerships • Who’s going to work in the labour force, who won’t Full employment • • Programs deals with situations where people are not fully employed • Who receives social policy • “Here and now” Living in the moment, only intervening to remedy risks • • No real long-term investments • 2 tier structure • Fed government took on deserving; unemployment insurance and pensions for people with stable attachments to the labour force • Provincial government took on undeserving, issues of social assistance, social housing, last chance safety • Limitations to these divisions,province looks after health care • 1945 onwards in Ontario, hits its peak in 1985-90 Afterwards, more strategic thinking on how to improve these policies • • Improving child care, housing, social assistance less punitive but encourage whole integration into society • 1993-2003: beginning of the unbuilding of the post-war welfare state • Argument about cost; large deficits come from operating large sets of programs that have an impact on competitiveness • These policies often trap people in a cycle of poverty, generational dependency • Cutting down on costs • Targeting benefits: take the programs that exist and make sure they’re available only to the people who need them • Eligibility: trying to limit the size of the door, number of documents you need to get access to social assistance • Benefit levels:significant reduction in dollar assistance • Attempts to curve high costs helping fewer • These sets of policies are still dependent on the idea of the post-war
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