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Ontario Policy in the 50s and 60s, March 10

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McMaster University
Political Science
Peter Graefe

Mar. 10 Poli Sci 3J03 1950s-60s • Decentralization • Federal government responsible for training • Union of economic union and economic adjustment • Delivery/ education: provincial governments wanted to funnel money to community colleges for workplace training • 1996-98: LMDA, Canada labour market development agreement • 2005, introduced in Ontario • 2005-008, LMA, labour market agreement; providing opportunities and training for the disadvantaged groups • 2013: attempts at recentralization, through the Canada Job Branch • Still roles for the two governments • Three parts of the training equation • Income assistance: for people undergoing training • Training: long-term, produce real skills • EI: federal trainees, many people don’t qualify •Community colleges; range of training limited for people already in the workplace • Social assiance: provincial trainees, such a low dollar threshold, little savings •“training” not actually tied to skills, little potential in labour market, life skills • Gap between the two; significant number of peole out of work who do not have access to insurance to keep them afloat during training Governance: matching labour market forecasting, making sure people fit well • with the jobs available • Labour market information • Neoliberalism/ Human Capital - market • Lower levels of public investment • Use of private organization for programme delivery • Active labout market policy without coherent training • Is developing human capital the
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