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Child Care, March 24

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McMaster University
Political Science
Peter Graefe

Mar. 24 Poli Sci 3J03 Child Care and Early Learning • 2.1 replacement rate; western world not up to par • Canada at 1.6; immigration in Canada changes the age profile • Productivity and competitiveness; is paying for pensions pulling money out of the economy, making the country less competitive Jenson: New Challenges, Restructured Labour Forces and Family Life • • Increasing stress for partens balancing work and family life; time crunch and financial pressures • A full-time job may not be eough to keep the family out of poverty • Throughtout the 90s, on of every five Canadian children was poor and more at-risk of poor developmental outcomes • Being on social assistance means beign poor, often into the next generation • The boundaries between being in and out of work are blurred by the increase in atypical work, low wages, subsidized jobs, training programs • Parameters for new paradigms • New Social Risks • Link with productivity and competitiveness • Children Success at school • • Reduced cost of social problems • Create flexible learners capable of navigating the uncertain world of work • A way to talk about adults as parents Adequacy of labour market income • • Time/stress; health effects • Capacity to care; what might enable people to both work and care • Labour force participation • Other ways to think about family policy • Fertility, getting women to have more kids • Family virtues; support for particular forms of family • How to push the state to support families, trying to reach a normative goal of what families should look like • Feminism; what support for the family are consistent with goals of women’s equality • Paradigm Shift? • Family responsibility; don’t have kids if you can’t afford them • Who has responsibiliy for child well-being • Programs for young children assume that parents are responsible for all decisions, unless they put their children at-risk Mar. 24 • What are the conditions of ra
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