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Political Science
Netina Tan

Started on: 01/16/2014 C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3LC3 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T HURSDAY , ANUARY 16, Y WHAT IS DEMOCRACY? - Democracy comes from the “Greek word demos = meaning people and kratos = meaning authority or power” - Most basic elementary idea of democracy, “direct democracy” - Direct representation, direct democracy - MANY DEFINITIONS o Government which is conducted with the freely given consent of the people o Asystem of government in which supreme authority lies with people o Rule by the people in a country directly or by representation o The form of government in which political control is exercised by all of the people. - Democracy is a complex and contested concept - No agreement on the meaning of democracy, one study found 550 sub-types of democracies - Most focus on qualities, procedures, and institutions. Essentially, debate over whether to adopt procedural (minimalist) or substantive (maximalist) definition (case 5-6) o Procedural democracy - Free and fair elections  Focuses on the electoral aspects of democracy  If a regime conducts elections it is “democratic”
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