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Poli Sci 3LC3 - JAN 28, 2014

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Political Science
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Netina Tan

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Started on: 01/28/2014 C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3LC3 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T UESDAY , ANUARY 28, Y Presentation Thai Nationalism - Spiritual Nationalism - Aggressive Nationalism o Use of propaganda to promote the superior grandeur of the Thai race. o Plaek Phibunsongkrham - Crusade Nationalism o Rallies against perceived threat of communism Siam V. Thailand - Trade was controlled if not heavily influenced by other nations - Thailand is the only south eastAsian nation to avoid colonialism “Thai” - Nationalist imagery used in the Thai state building process - Massive appeal - “Land of the free” - Generate massive appeal / nationalistic pride to rally around a particular gov’t at the time. Nation, Religion & Monarchy - Coup that overthrew the monarchy? o Overthrew his political apparatus and kept the monarch as a figure head o “Politically neutered” o Remained a figurehead but had diminished political powers. Class B URMA / M YANMAR - Old / New flag of Burma (2011) - Union of Burma and after the state peace and development council changed name to Myanmar - Longest Military Regime - House arrest for 15 years - Colonized by British for 60 years - Opening up “elections” - Economic sanctions imposed for the longest time - Forced labour for industrialization and developments - Child soldiers used or forcefully recruited from the Ethnic minority areas to fight for the different armed groups - Poverty - One of the poorest countries in the world today - Internally displaced as a result of ethnic armed conflict • Factors that impede democratization o Historical legacy o Socio-ethnic cleavages and armed conflicts Angie © McMaster University 1 Fall 2014 Started on: 01/28/2014 o Underdevelopment o Suppression by the Military OUTLINE • Significant Events o 1962 Military Coup o 1988 People’s revolution o 2007 Saffron Revolution o 2010 General election o Sectarian violence between Buddhist and Muslims • Military Regime (State, Peace and Development Council) o Repression and Human Rights Problems o Political prisoners, child labor, rape as a weapon of warfare • What are some of the challenges and prospects for democratization? KEY FACTS of Burma o Official Name: Union of Myanmar o Population 53 million o Capital Naypidaw o Largest City Rangoon o Languages: Burmese, Ethnic languages o Religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Islam o Politics: Military rule (1962-2011)  Parliamentary democracy o Economy: One of Asia’s poorest countries; riddled with corruption o International: Pariah state, West imposed sanctions until 2011 • History of Burma o 1824-26 First Anglo Burmese War o 1885 Burma became part of British India; separate colony in 1937 o 1920s resistance Against British Colonialism o 1942: WWII, Japan invades Burma
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