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Poli Sci 3LC3- Jan 23, 2014

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Political Science
Netina Tan

Started on: 01/23/2014 C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3LC3 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T HURSDAY , ANUARY 23, Y How do theories apply to SEAcases? 1. Structural factors, development (Singapore) a. We can use Singapore to question democratization / modernization theories b. It remains a very rich state but refuses to embrace liberal democracy 2. “Toa. Various elites, party elites, etc.ailand) b. Basket case, a lot of conditions conducive for democratization, yet it remains “unstable” 3. International factor, China, economic sanction (Burma) a. How did Burma open up? Was it because of International pressure? Burma has been under many economic sanctions and refused to open for more than 10-15 years? b. How much effect does the International effect on Burma? c. Scholars - d. We do not know how much effect the international does have e. Chinese financial support in Burma that it has helped the Burmese regime sustain over time? 4. “Bottom-up” mass social movement (Indonesia, Philippines) a. What happened in Indonesia in 1988 that brought down Suharto i. Suharto was forced to relinquish power b. Marcos in Philippine were known to get money from the state and to use it lavishly. 5. What is the relationship between governance and democracy a. How important are these levels? In affecting regime stability b. Level of corruption c. Rule of Law d. Distributional equality, income equality 6. Southeast Asian cases throw up a few puzzles for democratization theories INDICATORS USED TO MEASURE THEORIES ON CASES 1. Modernization theory a. GDP Level b. Indicator of economic development based on GDP c. What is the relationship between economic development and democracy? d. FREEDOMHOUSE e. Taiwan (most democratic) out of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Burma, yet Taiwan is ranked 47 on the GDP scale (GDP Per capita= 29,800) g. Singapore (8 GDP rank) third most democraticmocratic out of the ones discussed 2. Freedom H
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