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POLI SCI 3LC3 - Feb 06 2014

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Political Science
Netina Tan

Started on: 2/6/14 9:40AM C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3LC3 McMaster University, Winter 2014 T HURSDAY , FEBRUARY 6, Y Articles - What things have been learned in this particular case - Case studies Role of Monarchy in Thailand (Thai Politics) - The rise of ThaiAbsolute Monarchy o The Sukhothai Kingdom was the first Thai controlled kingdom in history o The dynasty of Ayutthaya was hierarchic and followed the divine kingdom or devaraja concept o In 1767, a Burmese army under the alauyngpaya dynasty invaded, sacked and burned the city - Chakri Dynasty o In 1782, a new dynasty was established by King Rama and moved the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok o During the Rattanakosin period the Chakri kings continue the concepts ofAyutthayan kingship o Kings Rama II and Rama III created a modern administration o King Rama V, was educated by Westerners, was intent on reforming the monarchy along western lines o King Rama VI was normally credited for initating the modernization of Thailand’s economy - Decline of the absolute monarchy o 1932 Bloodless revolution carried out by the “promoters” ended 150 years of absolute Chakri rule o It is argued that the emergence and decline of Thai absolutism
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