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Feb 25, 2014 3LC3

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McMaster University
Political Science
Netina Tan

Lecture Notes Lecture started on: 2014-02-25 at 11:16 Winter 2014 McMaster University Class notes for: Political Science 3LC3 Tue, February 25, 2014 Case Study • Significant event, development, leader or political institution that affects governance, regime stability or democratization. • Suggested Format; ◦ Why it is important to focus on the case, event, particular person ◦ Theories (e.g. Democratization theories application, etc.) ▪ Asian Financial Crisis – whether corruption, patronage or lack of regulation are these good reasons for explaining the collapse of Indonesia? ▪ Theory, relevance and what happened. ◦ Content: ▪ 2-3 Paragraphs to analyze / explain the background / factors of the event. Focus on 2-3 points of interest. ◦ How: ▪ How did things develop and affect governance / regime stability / region, security? ◦ Conclusion ▪ “So what” ▪ Why does it matter, etc. Indonesia – More than 18,000 Islands – The fourth most populous country in the world – Largest Muslim population – 34 provinces – Republic of Indonesia – Language is a minority language, Bahasa Indonesia to unify the country – Multiethnic society is more prone to separation Garuda Pancasila Angie (c) McMaster University 1 of 5 Winter 2014 Lecture Notes Lecture started on: 2014-02-25 at 11:16 Winter 2014 • 5 Different core elements • Belief in God • Just and civilized humanity • The Unity of Indonesia • Guided democracy • Social Justice – Coat of arms th – 17 feathers, 17 August 1945 day of Independence Fight for Independence – Colonized by the Dutch for 350 years th – Nationalist struggle begins around the end of 19 century – Independence proclaimed by Sukarno after Japanese occupation in 1945 – After international intervention --> Dutch transferred sovereignty after bloody struggle in 1949 (What did the dutch leave?) – Post independent Indonesia in 4 periods – Sukarno – Suharto Guided Democracy – Sukarno – Populist, nationalist, charismatic leader – First president of Indonesia – Javanese – Balinese descent – Formed PNI (Indonesian National Party) – Declared independence in 1945 after Japanese left – Left wing reflections – 1949-65: Guided Democracy – What does it embrace? – Musyawarah-Mufakat – deliberated consensus – Discussion, talk, consensus, all must agree without being confrontational – Learn how to read behind the “Wayan” – Pancascila Angie (c) McMaster University 2 of 5 Winter 2014 Lecture Notes Lecture started on: 2014-02-25 at 11:16 Winter 2014 – Marhaenism – Self sufficiency – The rural peasants and socialists peasants should be able to come together to provide – Detested the Western colonizers, pulled Indonesia out of the UN. – Konfrontasi (1963-6) – Confrontation against British former colonies – Started sabotages and bombings – Nasakom (banned parties, turned to communism [indonesian communist party, PKI // China; changed foreign policy]) – Refers to socialism, nationalism and religio
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