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Lecture 3

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Government ControlMcKinney v University of Guelph Not whether they are part but whether there is a sufficient link between government and entity Plaintiffsprofessors and 1 librarian required to retire by 65 Not by legislative authority but by policy private contractual matters no statutory link Stay in occupation due to both financial and intellectual identity reasons Plaintiffs pursued argument that discrimination on basis of age in relation to employment Human rights code able to discriminate by age before 18 and after 65 Sued various employers under section 15Did it apply to universitiesSection 32 1confined to government actionThe fact that it operates with public purpose does not make it a government institution Emphasizes that there must be a sufficient link even though operate under statute Universities independent Its own master with respect to its employees Government has no legal power to control them Must be an apparatus McKinney Stoffman and Douglas casescases heard to
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