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Lecture 7

Political Science 3N06 2014 II Lecture 7a one sample .doc
Political Science 3N06 2014 II Lecture 7a one sample .doc

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McMaster University
Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 3N06 2014 Lecture 7a One Sample Hypothesis testingAre there significant differences between groups on a given variableDo women have a significantly different income than the general populationAre immigrants more likely to vote Liberal than the general populationIf you want to test whether two groups are actually different from one another along some variableoSampling makes this a practical possibilityThis might mean drawing two different samples one for each group you are interested inOr our topic today you can take one random sample of the group you think is differentoAnd compare the results generated from that sample to population values that you already haveIs your group significantly different than the population on the variable in questionStatistical hypothesis testingThe process starts off with the gathering of a representative sample of the group you think is differentYour hypothesis test is based upon two hypotheses1 A research hypothesissymbolized by H1 The research hypothesis is what you think to be trueIt is a statement of difference between population valuesoThat the population you are interested in is somehow different than some other populationYou cannot directly prove the research hypothesis on the basis of a sample2 The Null hypothesissymbolized by H0The null hypothesis stipulates that there is no difference between the populationsIn effect they belong to the same populationoSo the true population value for both groups is the same1
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