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Lecture 7

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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 3N06 2014 Lecture 7b: One Sample Hypothesis testing Calculating Z(obtained) when you do not have the population standard deviation (σ) - If you do not know the population standard deviation, you can substitute the sample standard deviation (s) into the Z formula provided - A) You subtract 1 from n to correct for bias - B) The sample size is large enough (100 or more) - If the sample size (n) is less than 100, you cannot calculate Z(obtained) - With small sample sizes you cannot assume that the sampling distribution will be normal like Z - In this case you are required to use a different distribution to calculate areas and probabilities - The t distribution - The higher the df (degrees of freedom) the closer and closer the t distribution resembles the Z distribution - i.e the larger the sample size the closer the curve is to the Z curve 1 - To find the appropriate t(critical) for a given alpha with a given df, use the Table in Appendix B - To find the value of t(obtained) use the formula: - - If the t(obtained)
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