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Lecture 8

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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 3N06 2014 Lecture 8a Twosample hypothesis testingIf you gather two random samples and they show a difference on some variable is that difference significant at a population levelTo answer this question we follow the same logic of inference as in our onesample hypothesis test of means and proportionsFollowing Healy and Prus 5 step modelStep 1 Make assumptions and meet test requirementsA Assumptions about the samplesThe samples must both have been selected according to EPSEM principlesThe samples must also be independent at least for the formulas being used hereIndependent random sampling is required if not another test is performedB Assumptions about the level of measurementIf using difference in means the variables must be intervalratioIf using difference in proportions the variables can be nominal levelC Assumptions about the shape of the sampling distributionNormalityThe sampling distribution in the case of two sample hypothesis testing is the sampling distribution of the difference in sample means for meansThis sampling distribution has a mean0 and a standard deviation standard error Step 2 State the H0The Null hypothesis assumes that there is no difference between the two populations represented by the two samplesH 012The Research hypothesis stipulates that there is some kind of difference between the populationsH11 2Or H11 2OrH1 1 2This establishes whether you will conduct a onetailed or a twotailed test1
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