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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Lecture 4 -liberty is what outlines our government Theories of the state Mill  basic principle(s) of liberty  unlike Hobbes and Locke he establishes principles o the only legitimate use of power is for self-preservation o individuals should be free o no one but themselves knows what is in their best interest and people should be able to make this choice on their own o the purpose of law is to protect individuals and specifically to o there needs to be limited government o there are areas of individual interests; where society has indirect concerns  there are fundamental rights  where the state has limited interests  freedom of conscious  opinion  expression  builds of the idea of freedom of thought and expression  we should be able to do what we like only if it does not cause harm to others  associated with the freedom is for individuals to unite; only if it does not cause harm to others  any society where these rights are qualified; then it is not free  the best way to insure this liberty is through the notion of letting people rule themselves; societies are too large to let society have a voice  argument that a representative government is necessary o favour of representative government o the power should be restrained; there should be some protection for minority as a defense for them  liberty should be unrestrained o it is necessary for representative government to be restrained  formation of representative government Theses are the foundation/outline to our laws and constitution; the idea of liberty of our core value. Things like the presumption will make more sense. We have a series of concepts like the rule of law; Every action the state makes is bound by law. we overlook/take for granted this commitment to liberty. Equality  Marxism o Law and Politics as “Superstructures” o means of accumulation; that law and the state serve as a superstructure that sit on top of the economy; to insure the preservation and continuation of the economy o the law is there to forcibly remove people from public places  eliminate decent  and control social behaviour  ability to change this system; will come about after the proletariat
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