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Political Science
Greg Flynn

7 Areas of PrivacyDwelling House you will have a high expectation of privacy Police will really have to exert clear cut circumstances in order to get away with a warrantless searchR v Feeney 1997 2 SCR 13Feeney was suspected of murder He was drinking with his friend when they got in a fight and hit him with an iron bar He took his friends cigarettes shoes and car keys Feeney was not able to drive the car and crashed in it a ditch He walked home to his trailor that was no located on his own premisis but on his sisters land He went to bed still wearing blood soaked clothes The police traced him from the scene and entered into his home The arrested him and they took it into evidence The court found that the entry and seizure were unlawful that the police needed a warrant to obtain the evidence They would have allowed it if they saw him commit the crime Trailor was a separate dwelling than his houseMotor Vehicle lower expectation of privacy because it can be found in various locationsMay be able to search with out a warrant because eit can be moved quickly still have to show that an offence has been commited and there is evidence in the vehicleR v Mellenthin 1992 3 SCR 615 stopped him for a roadside check Police noticed an open gym bag on the seat and police asked him what was in it
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