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Will not meet this Friday and the nextMeet on April 10 and will go over old examGuest lecture Murray May be on the exam scenarioSection 3Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly to be qualified for membership therein What are the elements of this right Every citizen non citizens cannot has the right to vote in the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly You have the right as a citizen to be qualified to be a member of one of them Next step if there is a violation of the rightSection 33 what barrier does it pose Applies to section 2 section 7 15 Section 3 is not of them so section 33 doesnt apply to it That is significant because legislatives cannot overrule it but also shows how firm this right is The amount of deference given to parliament is very high Courts have taken that as relevantSection 1 applies to everythingAny case that comes up in section 3 we will have to do the entire section 1 analysisCasesEffective RepresentationWhat is a vote worthIn 2010 a vote in Ontario was worth 091 compared to the weight of an average vote across the country BC was 090 Saskatchewan 139 Extreme examples PEI 4 seats guaranteed in the House was 288 NWT was 262 Yukon was 340 and Nunavut was 364Relative difference between a vote in Saskatchewan and BC 049A vote in Saskatchewan is worth 544 more than one in BCThis has relevance and effects on our democratic rights in Canada Why is worth more in Saskatchewan than in BCReference re Prov Electoral Boundaries Sask1991 2 SCR 158 Carter v SaskatchewanFacts
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