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Argument for (and against) Women’s Representation in Politics

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Karen Bird

Argument for and against Womens Representation in Politics 1 slideThematic questionsdo we need more women in politicsoWhy or why notWould more women ensure better representationoWhat are the meanings of representation that support your answerLecture overviewWomens representation worldwideTaxonomy of representationoFormalistic descriptive substantiveoDescriptive substantive representationPossible reasons for increasing womens representationPossible risksMansbridgesWomens representation worldwideInt parliamentary union data 31 july 2012Single houselowerupper housesenateTotal MPs380007000Men300005000Women70001000 of women203181regional averages Nordic countries 420 pretty high for single houselower house but should you exclude this the percentage goes down to 20 and lowerworld classification 1 Rwanda 563 45 Canada 247 80 US 169 110 Japan 108no pattern here with democracy being at the top of the listthere doesnt seem to be a pattern between north or south eitherTaxonomy of RepresentationFormalisticoRules of representation including right to voteoImportant details that determineAuthority of an MP represent youProcedures of accountability to votersoEstablish the presence and nature of democracy paxon and huges talk about how women have ththe right to vote 19 C problems suffrageoFormalistic rep includes much more than the right to vote has politicallegislature and important details that establish the rules of representation and these important details establish how the MP is authorized to actvote to represent us this suggests that we elect them in a democratic election and how this gives them authority Picton calls this authorization view there are procedures on how we can hold them accountable if we find they are not representing the population accurately If they are no longer responsive to us how can we kick them out If we have west minister style with regard to majority government and fixed election term under these set of rules there are problems of kicking people out sometimes members of legisatures might proposeintroduce getting rid of fixed election dates or propose recalls to demand a recall of election
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