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Women, social movements, and democratic transition

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Political Science
Karen Bird

Women social movements and democratic transition 3 slideThematic questionsWhat is the role of social movements in the process of democratization What does a gendered lens on this question revealWhat distinctive forms do womens movements takeWhat factors account for differences in womens mobilization toward democratizationWhat role do women play in the transition and posttransition phases democratizationWhat explains the different outcomes for womenLecture overviewDefining terms social movements and political defiance democracyWhat explains the rise and success or failure of a social movementTheoretical frameworksoRational choicecostbenefit analysisoCultural structural analysisoResource mobilization theoryGender and the social bases of defianceRepertoires of collective actionCycles of protest and outcomes for womenTransition to demoy and outcomes for womenDefining termsSocial movements and political protestostrikes and street demonstrationsoLess visible acts of defiance include every day forms of resistance James C ScottPracticed especially by groups that lack power or face heightened risksLack of open revolt does not mean these groups are acquiescentWomen in the world who lack power and are subordinatedDemocracyoTransition to democracy concerns more than narrow institutional electoral reformoAlso includes more even distribution of power in society especially as regards genderSocial movement theory1Rational choice explanationsaIndividual costbenefit analysisiRisks and costs for joiningiiPeople would join that the benefit was greater than the riskbDefiance and noncompliance as calculated responsecRisks and benefits of participationdCritique Ignores dynamics of social movements the nature of risk and range of possible outcomes tends to change over the course of a movementiThe fact that social movements evolve and change even when you are engaged in itthe risk and reward is not beneficial because the outcomes will change as the outcomes occuriiThe collective benefits are greater the more people occur and you are less likely to be sanctioned for being in a small groupiiiWomen have different structural positions in societyhousehold1Argentina mothers were less risky reading2Culturalstructural explanations
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