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Explanations I

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Political Science
Karen Bird

Explanations I culture and socioeconomic structures week 6Thematic questionsWhat factors explain differences in womens access to politics around the worldoThinking about essays we all chose women who achieved some level of political influence as they were leadershard to answer this question what influences differences to access to politics methodological strategies to identify differences What kind of research has been can be done to access various explanationsHow has change occurred over time and what are the key trigger points for increasingly womens political influence in the futureLecture overviewCultureEconomic and social structuresInstitutions week 7Assessing the modernization thesis and cultural shiftoOnce on path to eco growth side effect is greater gender equalityEco dvlp democracy including gender equalityDiff pathways to gender equality Ross articleCultural explanationsSupply side and demand sideoS The numberability of women to leap into the field and present themselves as candidatesoD Whether those candidates will go in are there barriers are you the wrong candidate Cultural beliefs about womens and mens natural fitness for politics affect whether women run for officeoCulture fits in with both S and DCulture tends to be pervasive and sl
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