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Explanations II- political rules and institutions

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Political Science
Karen Bird

Explanations II political rules and institutions Week 7Thematic Questions What factors explain differences in womens access to politics and decisionmaking around the world What kind of research has been can be done to assess various explanations How has change occurred over time and what are the key trigger points for increasing womens political influence in the futureLecture overviewCulture socioeconomic structures reviewModernizationdevelopmentgender equality puzzlePolitical rules and institutionsoElectoral systemoParties and candidate selectionoGender quotasCulture perceptions attitudesCultural beliefs about womens and mens natural fitness for politics and leadership rolesPervasive and persistent bias against womenoMen associated with career science businesswomen with family liberal arts servicesoBiases affect womens educational choices and rewards in labour marketWe all have some of these biasesoPerceptions shared by men and womenoMath tests Spencer 1999 politics Swim et al 1989oBias present in developing and developed nationsThere are still some differences in gender norms and gender equityBecause women have internalized this idea that they are less good as men they confront the problem and instead of working through it they give up and it is important to suggest that it is manifested at a broader level A lot of studies look at inherent bias with respect to politics experimental studies speeches by men are more stronger and people think they should vote for a man Socioeconomic strucutresDifferences between mens and womens resourcesoLevels of educationoFinancial resourcesoCivic skills and network of connectionsPoverty and lack of opportunity breed greater inequality between men and womenoDifferences between poor and rich countries in ratio of boys to girls enrolled in secondary schoolBoys to girls is higher more boys enrolled the poorer the country isBoiys to girls is lower equal amount in richer countrieso of missing women grows in times of economic crisismissing women the estimate that if you look at natural birth rates women in the world should slightly outweigh men especially with regard to how men die sooner statistically601M women poor families with many children who when they have to make the choice with regards to edu health they give the resources to boys instead of girlsNoncultural men will be able to contribute more and more value in revenue to bring to familyGender inequalities persist in poorer countries in all levels
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