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Political Science
James Ingram

Political Theory 3VV3 January 15, 13 Plato and Aristotle Speech  The virtue in which democracy is identified is not equality o The core value seems to be freedom  Pericles: surprising elements : o Idea of meritocracy  Pericles the claim of excellence is recognized  Idea that anyone can advance in Athenian society  This is the answer the rejection from the aristocratic ruling o Aristocracy = rule of the best  People in Athens who would be in charge if it were aristocratic would be someone like Plato  In democracy = rule of the many, and many are not impressive o Pp 37.: in democracy anyone can get into your business but because they are a regime on freedom they allow anyone to do what they want  Plato = democracy is a regime of chaos  no one had respect for the law  Pericles says different: we far from doing just what we want, we have the highest respect for the laws and authorities o Pp. 38: Its because of their soldiers they live the lavish life style o Pp. 40 third sentence: Athenians think about what they are going to do before they actually do it  Democracy means you have to talk endlessly before you do it where as in aristocratic societies the head makes the decisions  Philosophy has historically been a ruling of the higher class because they are the only ones who have the time for it (have the time to study)  Simplest reason why o “Our great strength in opinion lies not in deliberation…”  It is only the Aristocratis who have these parties (rich men)  Democratic don’t have philosophical conversations but they engage in convers
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