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Political Science
James Ingram

Political Science 3VV3 February 26, 2013 Max Weber (1864-1920) Robert Michels (1876-1936) Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) “Competitive Elitism” (Pluralism) Max Weber  Comparative institutionalism: most preferred way of studying why politics differs in different countries and why politics is as it is  Weber’s main point: politics is defined by its means and its means are …  Politics uses force: you are allowed to use force, everyone recognizes it is okay o State only thing allowed to deploy force  state explicitly lets politicians use force  Why do people accept these? o People follow rules or do what other people tell them to do is for 1 of 3 reasons  1. Traditional  its always been done that way  2. Legal Rational  those are the rules (rules as a system make sense) and these rules came out of a practice that makes sense  3. Charisma  persuasiveness  2 forms of Ethics  1. Ethics of conviction  2. Ethics of responsibility  prepared to bare the consequences  Politics will ultimately be the business of leaders  Weber thinks that if everyone votes, different systems evolve, in order to out of this of everyone voting, in order to select leaders  Basic thought: Competitive Elitism  if you do democracy on a large scale you end up in some form of selecting your rulers (nothing like the Athenian, Rousseau-ian form o Ability to select your own rulers o Although superficially you may expect them to be similar (institutions have evolved in different ways) o So the way they generate or produce elites, end up being different o Isn’t that obvious?  you will always have leaders and followers, w
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