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Political Science
Nibaldo Galleguillos

Lecture at: 01/14/2014 C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3Y03 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T UESDAY , JANUARY 14, Y SEPTEMBER 11 1973 & HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES Continued’ 10. Emasculation of the judiciary 11. Indefinite Detentions Under National Security Laws 12. Denial of the Right to Legal Defenseities felt that they could detain people without charges. 13. Forced exile and refugees creation a. Large numbers of LatinAmericans were forced to flee and became political refugee 14. Military Intervention of university and education systems a. The universities became intervened by the Military who had a say in the actual curriculum b. E.G Chile, the department of Political Science,Anthropology, etc. were eliminated by the Military 15. Abrogation of Right to Opinion (censorship) a. The Military government would exercise strong censorship on the media, etc. b. Since the government that was overthrown by this military group was government based on the working classes, there was the repression that would ensue the Chilean working classes (abrogation etc.) 16. Abrogation of Labour Rights 17. Closing of Parliament a. Close down the expression of the popular will b. No parliament following the 9/11 military coup c. No activities allowed for political parties 18. Banning of Political Parties 19. Creation of a Climate of Fear 18. Unaccountability and Impunity (1978Amnesty Law) All of the above in the name of defending human rights, promoting democracy, and preserving western Christian civilization from the evil of international communism September 11 1973 contributions to international human rights Fear of Communism in understanding how these things come about! 1) International Conventions Against Torture (1975, 1988) a) As a result of the things that were happening in Chile, there could be in the perverse sense some significant improvement in Human Rights b) The issues that were happening in Chile; many people in the larger community could see fit to do something in order to prevent violations of human rights from happening elsewhere. 2) Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons a) Convention was approved on Forced Disappearance i) To make people disappear is an International violation on Human Rights 3) United Nations ConventionAgainst Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (2006) 4) Creation of International Criminal Court (2002) Angie © McMaster University 1 Fall 2013 Lecture at: 01/14/2014 a) Violators of Human Rights no matter nationality could be tried if they engage in crimes, etc. 5) Precedent-Setting Decision by the Law Lords of the House of Lords on Universal Jurisdiction on Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Genocide, and Torture a) In October 1998 the Chilean Dictator responsible for these brutalities (Pinochet) b) General Pinochet was arrested in London, England in October 1998 by a Scotland Judge at the request of a Spanish Judge who was investigating an assassination of a Spanish citizen. c) Chile demanded that he would be returned to Chile, because as a former president he was immune. However, the Law Lords argued that immunity from prosecution did not apply not even to heads of state if the crime they were accused of were crimes against humanity, torture, etc. d) There is no immunity for heads of state if they’re accused of having violated human rights e) Pinochet died in 2008 without ever having been prosecuted f) Principle of Intern
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