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Political Science
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Nibaldo Galleguillos

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Started on: 01/21/2014 T UTORIAL N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3Y03 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T UESDAY , JANUARY 21, Y Tutorial grade will be based on weekly responses, out of which 2 will be marked at random. OUTLINE - List your topic (based on the topics) - Research Question based on the topic o Provide a rationale o “It is important because of this and relates because of this…” o Assume that can comprehend concepts o If you use a term like “democracy” what do you mean by democracy? What kind of democracy o Specificity!  Need to be more precise and concise that can be addressed in depth! - Tentative hypothesis - Sources o LITERATURE REVIEW - CITE o 6 sources or so! o Rule of thumb - 1 academic source per page!  This is not absolutely necessary  Depends on the kind of paper that you are writing!  Particularly if you are making an empirical argument! TUTORIALS - Discussion starter - Paradoxes or rhetoric in Human Rights - Cultural Relativism - Human rights are contextual, dependent on a particular place, time, people rooted in culture, etc.
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