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Poli Sci 3Y03 - Feb 14, 2014

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Political Science
Nibaldo Galleguillos

Started on: 2/6/14 9:40AM C LASS N OTES FOR : P OLI S CI 3Y03 McMaster University, Winter 2014 FRIDAY , FEBRUARY 14, Y CAPITALISMAND DEMOCRACY • Capitalism is a progressive force o It is expanding and doing things more efficiently. • It also has some fundamental flaws, and some of these are the ones that justify the Marx, Engels and many writers who have constantly made references to this unique quality if capitalism which is the constant exploitation of the working class • PAPER o INTRODUCTION: Defines the kinds of words that we will be using, the words that we will be defining in the introduction. o The reader / T.Aknows exactly how we will be using these controversial words. If we are going to use these words we need to know from the beginning.Always end the introduction of the research paper with the research question. Which question are we addressing? o The concept and notion of capitalism is similar to democracy. • Democracy is a concept with a family resemblance structure. o Conclusion  If you take democracy as a concept with family resemblance structure, there’s not just one democracy but there are several different types of democracy. o In different societies you will find different people who are committed to do something different. o In different societies there are individuals who seek to gather wealth and profit, and the effort made to obtain the objective will depend on the kind of society within which these efforts are taking place. If societies are different, then the efforts will be different and capitalism will be different. o CAPITALIST - individual who seeks to gather wealth, a means for obtaining more wealth. • Capitalism, like democracy is a concept with a family resemblance structure • ACapitalist is an individual who seeks to gather wealth not as an end in itself but as means for obtaining more wealth • Capital is not a material object (money) but a process. When this process does not take place, capital does not exist o What is the process all about?  The never ending process / of transforming money into commodities, goods or services which then bring in more money.  This process consists of the constant transformation of money into commodities, which, in turn, are later converted into more money. Angie © McMaster University 1 Winter 2014  Person who gathers wealth to continue making more money  This process of transforming investment money into profit money is unlike Marx or Adam smith would like us to believe, it’s not a self-sustaining process. • There’s no such thing as invisibility • It requires investment money to be transformed into other money • Requires a whole web of relations and a particular class called the capitalist • Cannot proceed with process of transforming money unless there is state intervention • Need the state to ensure there’s a judicial system in place to entrench and defend private property! Someone has to provide the infrastructure (roads and educational system that makes it possible to transform investment to capitalist money) • Making reference to capital implies acknowledging the networks of social relations and activities that allow this transformation to occur, at the same time that they condition it. • These networks are never self-sustaining systems, they do not arise spontaneously: they require the actions of the State in order to organize markets, administration of justice, security, contracts, currency, interest rates, labour relations, infrastructure services, financial regulations, urbanization, etc. • As societies are different, so are the modal
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