POLSCI 1G06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Parole Board Of Canada

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Political Science 1G06 2013 II Lecture 3b Political Control of the
Bureaucracy or bureaucratic control of the polity?
-Some models of bureaucratic behaviour assume that the Bureaucracy
is there to play two apolitical roles
-1. Advice: The bureaucracy provides the government with unbiased,
expert advice where requested
-2. Implementation: The bureaucracy will impartially implement
legislative directives
-In either case, the Bureaucracy is viewed as a neutral tool that can be
controlled equally by whatever government happens to win an
-However, the Bureaucracy is arguably no less political than any of the
other political institutions that we have examined
Structure of the Canadian Bureaucracy:
-“The Federal public sector employs roughly 486 000 people working
in close to 400 organizations”
-There are 3 main components
-1. Government Departments
-Direction for these departments is determined by the Minister in
charge of that department
-The day to day management of the department is assigned to an
appointed Deputy Minister
-The Deputy minister is usually a career public servant with the
technical knowledge necessary to handle the day to day operations of
the portfolio
-The “Deputy Minister is assigned two principal roles:”
-A) She acts as chief adviser to the minister
-B) “She functions as manager of the department”
-2. Crown Corporations
-“Canada has 45 parent Crown corporations at the federal level, which
have a total of 60 subsidiaries”
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