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POLSCI 3VV3 Lecture Notes - Capitalism, Individual And Group Rights, Limited Government

Political Science
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James Ingram

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Political Theory
February 5, 2013
John Locke
John Locke (1632-1704)
Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Discussion is between liberalism and republicanism
Liberalism in democracy:
o Priority on individual freedom
o Limited government
Free enterprise (laissez-faire)
o Individual rights
o You are equal in the point of view of the state
o And the states primary job is to protect your individual rights from others
and from itself
From others: you have 3 natural god given rights
1. Life
2. Liberty
3. Property
Pg. 256 (end of section 93) “to think that in to protect your rights you have to give
absolute power to the state …”
o Putting yourself to give absolute power to the state is like having a lion
protecting you from foxes
o Locke: constitutionalism/rule of law
To protect oneself
o & representation
This book was written against revolution
Purpose of government is to protect life, liberty and property
o If it does not you have the right to overthrow the government
Pg. 253 “man being born has been proved…”
o You are born equal to everyone else and you have to right to protect your
life, liberty and property and the reason why you have a government
because it makes it easier to look after
Once you join a society, something tricky comes about implication
Pp 95 pg. 258 “when any number of men have so consented to make one
community and government…”
o Internal and necessary tension
All government is by consent social contract
o However, no one in fact consented to it
o Therefore, how can you be understood to have consented to the laws?
Answer pp. 119, pg. 268 “every man that have any possession of … “
o Anyone that owns anything in the state
o You enjoy its rules, its rules are protecting your property
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