POLSCI 4KK3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Ert3, Embedded Journalism

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Lecture at: 11/01/2015 20:06:00
McMaster University, Fall 2014
- Defining feature of human nature?
- Interests being understood as collective versus individual?
- The world that boot describes does not leave a lot of choices politically.
Lines on maps
Colonial eras.
Groups were pitted against each other deliberately.
Post 1991
1000 years before 1991, “Peace of God movement”
- Initiated the beginning of international law
- Combatants vs. non-combatants
- Lead to restrictions on warfare.
- Napoleon changes it “conscription” makes citizens into soldiers. There is no clear distinction
between combatants and non-combatants.
- Cold war - nuclear stalemate “everyone is a legitimate combatant”
- Logic of deterrence
1991 The cold war is ending, and in an instant in about 48 -72 hours
- CNN briefing videos of Iraq v. Kuwait
- “Smart bomb” / “Precision guided missiles”
- Prosecuting war in a legitimate and just fashion
Emotional language
- Internationalization of language
- Operating according to the world as they see it.
- Instructive for people’s thinking at that time.
- Supreme pessimism, optimism …
- “The truths” of how the way the world works
- Defensible perspectives
- Common senses in that moment
- Power circulating, language and emotion
Mother’s approval
- Military cohesiveness falls apart when mother’s withdraw concern…
Nation building: “other people in less developed places do not get it”
- Populations living in abject conditions
- Living at a level of relative privilege allows more “risk”
Angie © McMaster University
Fall 2014
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