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Classical Conditioning 2 (Module) Module: Generalization and Discrimination Subtopic: Stimulus Generalization -classical conditioning of learned responses to a variety of different stimuli occurs through a process called stimulus generalization -stimuli similar to CS will often also produce a CR Subtopic: The Generalization Gradient -presentation variations of original CS will produce different CRs, depending on similarity to original CS -adds flexibility and efficiency to classical conditioning -if US is potentially harmful, you will not require separate conditioning experiences to learn relationship -instead, will generalize learning to avoid similar CSs that cue potential danger Module: Generalization and Extinction Subtopic: Generalization and Extinction -CR can be extinguished by repeatedly resenting the CS in the absence of the US -during extinction training, the subject is exposed to the training CS in the absence of the US -the largest loss in the strength of the CR is actually for the original CS -generalized CR to non-training stimuli is also diminished Subtopic: Discrimination Training - the compliment to stimulus generalization is stimulus discrimination -restricts the range of the CSs that can elicit a CR -discrimination training narrows the range of CSs which can elicit the CR Subtopic: The CS+ and the CS- -CS+: stimulus predicts the presence of a US -CS-: stimulus predicts the absence of the US Module: Phobias and Therapies Subtopic: Conditioning and Fear -Phobia exaggerated, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things or people Subtopic: Treating Phobias -extinguish the conditioned responses -by presenting the Cs repeatedly without the US, the expression of the CR will eventually fade Subtopic: Implosive Therapy -Implosive Therapy: an individual with a particular phobia is encouraged to confront the fear CS that evokes their anxiety -CS is presented in the absence of the associated US -Systematic Desensitization: uses a more gradual exposure to the feared CS -gradual progression of situations that resemble the phobia itself Subtopic: Other Conditioning Therapies -alcohol abuse can be controlled
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