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Psychology Classical Conditioning 2 Generalization and Discrimination  WW2: people responded to the whistling sound of wartime bombing. The variable CS came to produce a fear response  Stimulus Generalization: one specific CS is paired up to produce a contingency. However, a similar CS might produce the same CR. (provides efficiency and flexibility) ex. you were bit by a black Doberman. Every time you see a black Doberman, a fear response is given. However, you may produce a fear response by seeing any type of dog.  Stimulus Discrimination: restricts the range of the CS's that can elicit a CR (opposite of stimulus generalization; refines the learning process)  CS+: presence of stimulus / CS-: absence of a stimulus ex. lion and gazelle. gazelle must know if any lion are around (CS+), and if there aren't any around (CS-) Phobias & Therapies  Phobia: an exaggerated, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things or people  Treating a phobia: present the CS repeatedly w/o the US  Implosive Therapy: confront the fear the CS that evokes their anxiety (w/o absence of US)  Systematic Desensitization: more gradual exposure to the fear of the CS; starts at one end of the curve and works its way to the middle Homeostasis & Compensatory  Homeostasis: the process that your body is actively working to keep core temperature, glucose and ion levels, and more, within strict parameters  ex. after drinkin
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