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Psychology Web Module – Attention October 30, 2012 Attention - William James o Taking possession of one train of thought o Selectionattending to smth causes attended obj to be selected  Conscious ability to attend to information hat helps us accomplish our goals  Irrelevant info = noise , sometimes a noise overwhelms what you are attending to and you get distracted Automatic & controlled processes - automatic o involuntary, capture attention by external events o salient info  smth that naturally pops out at you o driving  after a while, it becomes automatic (driving to a familiar place by accident) o automatic attention demanding events cause you to quickly dart your attention to the given situation - controlled o conscious to objects of interest, slow (require more cognitive effort), voluntary o difficult to attend to many aspects of tasks at the same time b/c resourcse for controlled processes are limited Spotlight module - attentional spotlight focuses on part of the environment at a time - obj in spotlight t- faster reaction time w/ higher accuracy Spatial cueing paradigm - 3 boxes w/ targets - measure target detection time - suggests that it is automatic b/c short time interval - consciously controlled shifts of attention  cued boxes indicate the target - attention moves faster than the eye b/c we can click before our eye has moved to the cued box Filter Models - cocktail party effect  dispite noise, can single out voice of conversation partner (listen to 2 msgs played dfrom speaker at same time) - shadowing task separate msgs (repeat one but not the other) - ability to separate target sounds from background noise o based on phsycial characetistics (gender, direction, pitch of speech) - filter  sifts away distractions - Broadbent’s Single Filter Model (1958) o Selects important info based on physical characteristics o Dicotic listening paradigm  Different msgs in each ear and need to repeat attended msg  Subjects rmbr nothing about unattended info Psychology Web Module – Attention October 30, 2012 o Problem: assumes no
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