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Psych Week Four Instrumental Conditioning 10/2/2011 2:25:00 PM Instrumental Conditioning  Training between voluntary behaviours and their consequences Thorndike’s Experiment  Measured time it took a cat to learn to open a door by pulling on a string.  The frequency of random behaviour’s decreased over time. Law Of Effect  Behaviour with positive consequences are stamped in (performed for frequently); behaviours with negative consequences are stamped out. Four Consequences  Reward Training (Positive Reinforcement) o Presentation of a positive reinforcer. o Example: When you wash your dishes, you get $1.  Punishment (Positive Punishment) o Presentation of a negative reinforcer. o Example: When you make a mess you get hit.  Omission Training (Negative Punishment) o Removal of a positive reinforcer. o Example: Children getting a time out.  Escape Training (Negative Reinforcement) o Removal of a negative reinforcer. o Example: Rats normally receive electric shocks when pressing a lever, when the rats stop pushing the lever they are using escape training. Cumulative Recorder  The response rate for a given behaviour Shaping (B.F. Skinner)  Through a series of reward training trails a complex behaviour can be organized into smaller steps, which will then build up to the full response.  Experimenter involvement is very important. Auto Shaping  Learning the contingency naturally.  Experimenter involvement is not so important. Discriminative Stimulus (SD)  Making the behaviour occur, sets the occasion for a response.  Signals when a contingency between a particular response and reinforcement is “on”. S-delta  Making the behaviour not occur.
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