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Lecture 1

PSYCH 1X03 Lecture 1: PSYCH 1X03 lecture 1-3

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1X03 INTRO TO 1X03: KEY IDEAS 1)Some of the things you know to be true about psychology are wrong. • "learning style" like visual, auditory, kinesthetic are not supported by evidence • Left brain and right brain is not a thing • Its is a myth that we only use 10% of our brains. 2) Perspectives in psychology change the focus of research questions we pursue and the type of answers we find. • Hans the horse was said to be very smart, he could answer any question. In reality, he was just responding to human behavior and body language. • First "solution" to psychological disorders was by taking off a piece of the skull to releas evil spirits --> underlying concept that mental disorders originated in the brain. 3) Psychological processes are embedded in biology. • Psychological function is linked to biology of the brain • Qualities that men and women look for in a partner can be explained by biology • Women: look for older, richer men because when pregnant women are vulnerable and dependent on others so they need someone who can support and take care of them • Men: look for good looking, younger women. Health is usually presented as attractiveness (eg. Shiny hair) so men want a healthy young mate who can bear children. 4) Your perception of the world is guided by prior experience, biases and heuristics. • What you hear can be affected by what you're seeing 5) We only have access to a limited subset of reality. • Brain can only take in so much • We don't pay attention to everything in our environment only specific important details • Hemispatial neglect: when a person brain doesn’t pay attention to half of their view CLASSICAL CONDITIONING What causes enigmatic opiate overdose? • Can tolerate high doses. Later take same dosage and they overdose. • Patients can tolerate high doses of drug in hospital. They go home and take same dosage and overdose. Psychology embraces Behaviorism • Ivan Pavlov = set stage for reflexive behaviors that can be learned • B.F. Skinner • When you think about lemons you will unconditionally salivate to prepare for acidic taste. • Babies reaction to lemons is bigger than ours bc they aren't used to it Learning allows for homeostasis • Body anticipates challenges to homeostasis and start a response to help deal with that UCS unconditionally elicits a response. • CS paired with US elicits CR • Classical conditioning is able to make new associations in an individuals life. unconscious process, deals w behavior that you don’t have control over. Eg: conditioned taste aversion to vodka Drug tolerance: • Heroin depresses resp symptoms, helps w pain sensitivity • Body counteracts drug that dec pain sensitivity by inc pain sensitivity. (UCR) • UCR counteracts drug effects • Drug administered cues = CS eg: drug paraphernalia How does learning cont
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