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Second Lecture 08/05/2013 7:06:00 AM The Scientifc Method Revise theory0 start ver again if necessary Report findings- write and publich Analyze data- use statistics to compare results Collect data- be sure to avoid biases Research method- design an experiment (IV, DV) Hypothesis- form a set of testable predictions Missed one LOL Let’s review Eric’s Experiment…. Caffeinated drinks Theories and Hypotheses  Theory: a general set of ideas about how the world works  Hypothesis: a specific prediction related to the variables in a theory Designing an experiment Experiment: scientific tool used to measure the effect of one variable on another Independent Variable: variable manipulated by the scientist Dependent Variable: variable being observed by the scientist Control Groups  It is essential that we have a control group to which we can compare our experimental group  A good control group is as similar as possible to the experimental group Confounding Variable  An external variable other than the independent variable that is influencing our results  Can be avoided using random sampling and assortment Selecting subjects ex..  Population: all undergraduate students  Random Sampling o Choosing a sample at random from the entire population  Random Assortment o Assigning subjects to either the experimental or control group at random to avoid any biases that may case differences between the groups of subjects Spot the Sampling Bias  We decide to run an experiment that will compare the scored of two groups on an anxiety scale before and after midterms. One day before the midterm we head over to the nursing building and recruit 10 subjects. Two weeks later (after exams) we head to engineering and recruit another group of 10 subjects. o Many problems… forgot to pay attention lol  We decide to run an experiment that will cmpare the grades of two classes of psychology 1x03 students. We randomly collect grades from 25 tudents in our 9am class and compare them to 25 random students in our 1pm class o People might tell o
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