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Dr.Lina Samuel

The Social construction of Sex, Gender and Sexuality Lecture 2, Soc 2Q06E September 19, 2012 Agenda • Defining concepts terms associated with the sociology of gender • Variations in sex/gender systems • Relationship between sex and gender • Key Figures in the study of Sexuality • The power of gender stereotypes and its variation • Sex Reassignment • Questions to think about Three inter-related components/parts: • 1. Social construction of gender categories based on biological sex • 2. Sexual division of labour whereby specific tasks are allocated on the basis of sex • 3. Social Regulation of sexuality – (Tyyska, 2008) Terms from your chapter 1 : Sex dimorphism: division of society into two categories Gender: refers to femininity or masculinity… these emerge from a more socio-cultural standpoint • How many genders? • 1. Androgynous • 2. Feminine • 3. Masculine • 4. Undifferentiated • Berdache • Navajo • Mahu • Hijras (watch short Youtube clip 7:18) • Xanith • Relationships between Sex and Gender (page 7 from your reading) • 1. sex determines gender • 2 . Sex is arbitrary realted to gender • 3. sex infleuences gender • 1. biological determinism (biological sex determines masculinity or feminity) • 2. social construcitonism(learned though social learning) • 3. inter-actionist position(both work together to produce gender) • Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) – Amercian biologist and professor of entomology and zoology – Founded in 1947 the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana State Univeristy – Kinsey Scale (0-6) where 0 is exclusively heterosexual and 6 is exclusively homosexual – Scale that measured sexual orientation – Sexual behaviour of the human male (1948) – Sexual behaviour of the human female (1953) • Lee Ellis (1942-) – Survey of over 8000 college students at 20 American Schools and two Canadian Universities – Gage a sense of self-identification in sexual orientation, attraction, sexual fantasies • Gender Stereotypes (page 14 from your text) – Widely held beliefs about the defining characteristics of masculinity and femininity – Best and Williams (1
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