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Levels of AnalysisOctober 2 2012Chapter 1 Level of AnalysisoUnit 1 What is Psychology Applied Psychology Using psychological theories to solve problems Dont see patientsExperimental Psychology Work in university research find answers to human thoughts and behaviors Some topics dealt with includeThe brainSensation and PerceptionMemoryLanguageAnimal BehaviourFriendship and AttractionStress and HealthChild DevelopmentUnit 2 Brief History of Psychology Psychology This comes from the word psych which in Greek means soul and logos which means study of Psychology is the study of the mind and BehaviourThe ancient Greeks contemplated psychological questionsContributions To PsychologyMuller discovered that messages transmitted nerves were coded as electrical impulse traveling along different channelsFlourens learned which brain region controlled heart rate breathing and visual and auditory reflexes Helmholtz measured speed of nerve impulses oUnit 3 Introduction and Levels of AnalysisooThere are multiple levels of analysis Psychological analysis includes thoughts emotions memory patters or thinking Biological analysis includes physiological mechanisms of underlying process of the body genetic factors hormones Introduction to environmental analysis includes social culturallearning perspectives For Watson anything happening inside someones head was unobservable and therefore off limits if psychology was to progress as a science The mind was a lack box into which we could not see and therefore any description of event taking place there was by definition not objectively verifiable of useful InputBlackBoxOutputonly the input and output are studied Unit 5 CognitionoCognition pertains to mental process of perception memory judgment and reasoning Internal processes of the mind include thought attention memory language problem solving Models of Cognition ooLEVELS OF ANALYSISo
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