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Live Lecture - Developmental Psychology

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3 January 15, 2012 Developmental Psychology  Cello Scrotum  Baby eating lemons, dancing during lecture o Same reaction o Unexpected events have greater effects  Heart burn and baby hair o  Interactions between Science, Media, and Public can lead to erroneous beliefs  Case Study: The Four Loko Study o $4/can, 12% alcohol +caffeine+ unusual flavours o Lead to massive intoxications, and even deaths o Shep Seigel  Hypotheses:  Maybe because it’s really cheap, but NO  12% of alcohol=bottle of wine  Caffeine: no interaction with alcohol  Unusual flavours: such effects because the unusual flavours are in a novel environment, causing adverse effects o What would a developmental psychologist look at?  Certain university students may be consuming more of this alcohol  Perhaps there might be a predisposition for consuming alcohol in certain people, not everyone  Alcoholism tends to run in families  Watching someone consume alcohol, may increase your likelihood of drinking  Similarly with genetic traits o Testing Predisposition for Alcoholism  What happens the very first time a person consumes alcohol, provided that the family has a history of drinking  High responsiveness o These individuals are not likely to become alcoholics  Low responsiveness o These individuals are more likely to go ahead and become alcoholics  Developmental Psychologists: Genetics-Environment interactions  Infants change more rapidly than older people  Some factors, you don’t control o Birth order  Point is: everyone is treated differently based on your birth order o Who your parents are o Your environment growing up PSYCH 1XX3 January 15, 2012  Preference method o High cont
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