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Live Lecture - Evolution

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Research Methods with the Long View  Quasi-Experiment o group subjects based on their existing level of a variable we wish to test  Descriptive/normative research o Questions how things change normally  Analytic research o Asks about processes and variables that are responsible for the changes in abilities  Longitudinal design o Follow same subjects o Advantage: eliminate extraneous variables o Disadvantage: time consuming and expensive  Attrition: Subjects may be lost  Practice effects  Cohort Effect: Similar observations of people in the same generation Physiological Development Conception:  Sperm and egg Genetic Transmission:  Genetic blueprint o 23 chromosome pairs  Made of DNA  Contain genes o Building blocks  Genome: complete set of instructions  Dominant and recessive genes o Dominant trait is expressed  Polygenic Inheritance o Multiple genes control the presence of a trait  Genotype vs. phenotype  Sex Determination: XX and XY  Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome o Individuals are male, but resist the male hormones Prenatal Development
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