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Psych 1XX3 – Vision I & II Live Lecture Sensation converts energy into nerve impulses.  Specialized receptors i.e. photoreceptors (rods and cones in the retina) collect photon of light and encode that into vision.  Perception: interprets nerve impulses.  Unconscious perceptual mechanism at work o Optical illusions o The fact that all four in the top row interpret the same way and the bottom is interpreted the same way is because the brain assumes there is a single light source. o The light source is the sun. o The brain assumes that the light source comes from above (sun) o Brain assumes that like objects are grouped together.  Sensation: stimuli to nerve impulse o As photons of light enter your eye, they are focused in by the retina and the image appears upside down o Brain adapts to convert this to a right-side up image  great adaptive ability i.e. focus o Visual acuity physically limited by photoreceptors. Visual acuity refers to the ability to distinguish between 2 dots, are there two pixels or one? o Visual acuity – eye doctor chart o Hyperacuity – judging a relative distance o Hyperacuity is not physically limited by photoreceptors. o Retina to the primary visual pathway. o Travels to the lateral geniculate nucleus. o Back to v1 of the primary visual cortex. o As you travel along the primary visual pathway the information is compressed.  Processing input in the primary visual cortex. o Organ
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