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Psych 1XX3 – Lecture – Week 4 – Neuroscience II Top Down Processing: what you see is influenced by your acquired beliefs. Information Processing and Self-deception:  Have individuals come in and tell them to hold their arm in an ice bucket as long as they possibly can.  Tell them a story about two types of hearts that they are studying. SO you are either type 1 or type 2 – hearts will react differently with exercise. o Type 1 + exercise = more sensitive to cold water o Type 2 heart + exercise = less sensitive to cold water. o “cold tolerance is healthy”  increase time o “cold tolerance is unhealthy”  decrease time  29% said that there was NO CHANGE, some admitted to change because “water was changed”  Are we living this narrative of our life? o Yes, changing the story to your own narrative. Welcome to the Matrix  The brain constructs your world  Hebbian learning provides a mechanism for neural coding  Prior learning Connections and Disconnections The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - Novel  The case of the imposter syndrome: o 5 week coma after a car accident o Perform cognitive and memory tasks – knows who he is, job, etc. o Physician notices that he seems distant from his parents and stand-off-ish. He asks what’s going on, and the patient says, “those are not my parents”, they look like my parents, but I sure that they are not my parents. o Claims they paid professional actors to play his parents  hiding behind a mask. o Related to visual processing in stages  build up visual processing until you finally recognize the stimulus  this happens before being sent to the amygdalae. o Capgras Delusion and the temporal lobe  neurons in the FFG respond to faces. Amygdalae assess the emotional significance of a stimulus.  Recognition without em
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