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Live Lecture: Form Perception

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Joe Kim

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Pareidolia: the ability to recognize faces in inanimate objects The Value of face Processing  Humans are sensitive to subtle changes in the face... estrogen levels indicate ability to reproduce and this basically is an indicator of attractiveness  Even infants rate the same face to be attractive  It is important because face processing gives an insight onto the emotional wellbeing of a person  Judging the quality of what a person is saying is linked with facial expressions o 90 % of liars will show fear or disgust  Holistic Face Processing o The Hollow Face Illusion The Hollow-Face illusion has been used to study the dissociation between vision-for-perception and vision-for-action [2] [3] (see Two-streams hypothesis). In this experimentpeople used their finger to make a quick flicking movement at a small target attached to the inside surface of the hollow – but apparently normal – face, or on the surface of a normal protruding face. The idea was that the fast flicking (rather like flicking a small insect off the fa
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