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Lecture 7

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 7: form perception

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

We can only detect light from the visible spectrum Infrared vision = seeing heat signatures Cones have different ranges Short cones 420 nm = blue Med 530 nm = green Long 560 nm = red But they will respond to anything within their constantmaximal point More overlap between red and green maximal distribution Less contrasting activity = losing information Less contrast if you only have 2 working cones No working cones means not seeing colour Can colorblindness be treated Having 2 working cones Having a lot of overlap with medium and long cones Glasses have been invented Not instant, dont work indoors Filter out wavelengths of light where there is a lot of overlap Builds more contrast More than 3 Tetrachromat E.g. zebra finch sees in ultra violet There are some people who have 4 types of colour receptor between medium and long cones Fitness Biological cost to have colour perception Animals take advantage and make themselves look inconspicuous or poisonous Hunters wearing orange deers are dichromats and cant tell the difference Foraging Hypothesis Trichromat can distinguish food at a distance Compare di vs tri and see whos better at foraging Marmoset are di and trichromats (sex linked) All males are dichromats Females are tri and dichromates Take the female marmoset and see who outperforms who Trichromats foraged more orange cereals but equal green Only at a distance though Performance equal when viewing at half a meter Facial hue hypothesis Trichromacy gives us insight into biology
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