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Lecture 2

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 2: 2- Evolution

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

Psych 1XX3 January 18, 2016 Evolution The main focus is how may copies of genes you pass on to the next generation Sexual Selection: the evolution of characteristics not because of survival but because of mating advantages Intra Sexual competition: member od the same sex compete with each other and the winners gain mating access to the opposite sex - Elk - In humans: Higher aggressive levels in males Intra-sexual competition: members of one sex prefer certain qualities inmates - Peacocks: long tail doesn’t help in survival it is actually quite detrimental Natural fertility: no birth control Voice pitch - Reproductive success is in correlation to voice pitch, the lower pitched voice tend to leave behind more children in the next generation - Is not a direct advantage to survival, but it is considered more attractive, so this person leaves behind more copies - Voice pitch is heritable, and it influences (solely) buy testosterone - Most females like a lower pitched voice - Testosterone actually weakens the immune system and correlated with lower semen quality - Voice pitch is the human version of the peacock tail Key assumptions - Behavior psychological mechanisms and input from the environment - Evolved psychological mechanisms are coded in the brain - Evolved psychological mechanisms can be described as information processing devices to solve adaptive problems Genes increase their own replication in two ways - Direct: influences
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