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Lecture 10

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 10: 10- Psychological Disorders

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture March 28, 2016 Psychological Disorders ➢ In the past hysteria behaviour was considered deviant o Used to drill a hole into the skull to release “the evil sprits” in the brain ➢ The treatment for psychological disorders is always evolving Abnormal Behaviour ➢ Psychopathologies from hysteria to depression, are not discovered, but “made” o They are decided upon ➢ Cultural inputs can affect what you think are considered out of the norm ➢ Stigma has to do with “seeing is believing” o Conformation associated with seeing a x-ray of a broken leg 4 D’s ➢ Deviance o Measure traits and see how far you are from the mean of the population ▪ Intelligence ▪ Empathy ▪ Pitch Perception ▪ Language ▪ Spatial o People with psychological disorders typically fall in the extreme’s ➢ Distress o Intense negative feelings of sadness, anxiety, despair ➢ Dysfunction o Behaviour interferes with ability to function properly ➢ Danger o Behaviour is dangerous to the self or to others DSM ➢ Guidebook for clinicians to diagnose mental disorders ➢ Includes the 4D’s of abnormality ➢ Clinical consultation, advocacy groups and general public are allowed to input their information ➢ Each DSM has significant changes ➢ Ex. Autism Spectrum Disorder o Deficits in social communication and social interaction o Restricted repetitive behaviours, interests, and activities o The prevalence number of this disease is increasing because all the different types of autism became grouped together ▪ Doing this increases the awareness of the issue ➢ Dyslexia was categorized under learning disabilities in the newest addition o Changes the amount of resources and awareness being put forth towards this condition Syn
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