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Lecture 11

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 11: 11- Psychological Treatments

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

Psych 1XX3 April 4, 2016 Psychological Treatments ➢ Some of the things you know to be true may be wrong Learning Styles - Matching learning styles leads to better grades o Visual o Auditory o Tactile - The natural extension of the theory of learning styles is more learning styles - There are now dozens of proposed learning styles - No direct correlation between styles and grades - Benefit is from the way it is taught 5 Stages of Greif - A universal path for dealing with deal - Stages o Denial o Anger o Bargaining o Depression o Acceptance - In reality there are differences from these stages - They can be skipped - There is no universal course for this theory ➢ Perspectives in psychology change the focus of research questions we pursue and the type of answers we find Greta - Clever monkey, unusual intelligence - Answers yes or no question - Used to answer math questions - Answers questions through clapping hands Models of Psychopathology - Psychological o Psychodynamic o Behaviorist o Cognitive - Biological - Strong unconscious conflicts in the mind are the source of tension o Treatments focus on stress management for coping with tension Psychodynamic - Freud o Conscious o Pre-conscious o Unconscious - Super-ego: mediates both - Ego: conscious - ID: unconscious - Hard to disprove the psychodynamic model - Therapy is resource extensive - Underlying theory cannot be disproved Behaviorist - Disorders are the external overt behaviors - Therapy established through conditioning and generalization - Can be explained through classical and operant conditioning - Presentation of a cue lead to feeling of anxiety and the anxiety is the issue - Limitations o Focuses only on the behavior o Not deeper mechanisms o Can all disorders be explained by reinforcement Cognitive Model - Disorders result from maladaptive selection and interpretation of stimuli - Therapies focus on positive in
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