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Lecture 10

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 10: 10-Hunger-and-Chemical-Senses (1)

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3: 10Hunger and Chemical Senses.docx Reviewed Written notes available HUNGER AND THE CHEMICAL SENSES MODULE Unit 1: Intro to Hunger and Satiety Introduction Food seeking is as much a lifestyle as it is a necessity. Body needed regular nourishment to function optimally Day is scheduled around meals Drinking and eating is more than nutrition, it is living o Brings family and friends o Feeding gives your pleasure Food consumption once dominated our everyday life. During most of human evolutionary past Food sources were scarce Behaviours motivated by constant need to obtain energy nutrients for survival Not in the modern day o Calories come cheaply and easily Smell is just as important in guiding feeding behaviour. Taste is different without smell Unit 2: Hunger and Satiety Intro to Hunger and Satiety Hunger and satiety cycles throughout the day. Sleep = longest fast in entire day Many signals and complex interactions bw brain digestive system driving feelings of hunger to consume food drink and satiety signals to stop Glucose and Glycogen Balance Blood glucose levels regulate feelings of hunger and satiation. Low blood glucose levels hunger Glucose needed for brain Glycogen stored to release glucose during fasting o Liver and muscle Mediated by insulin Glycogen stores help maintain blood glucose levels over the course of a day. Insulin cells uptake glucose for immediate use stored as glycogen Low blood sugar glycogen converted into glucose and used glycogen stores decrease status signal sent to brain hunger 1
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