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Lecture 7

PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture 7: 07-Form-Perception

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Joe Kim

PSYCH 1XX3: 07Form Perception.docx Reviewed Written notes available Form Perception I MODULE Intro to Perception of Form Distinguishing figure from background is a complex visual function. Need to figure out parts that are: o Background o Object of interest How are we able to perceive form so quickly and effortlessly? The Greatest Philosophy 1920s and 30s, German psychologists studied how people perceive world around them believed the whole is is different from the sum of its parts believed people tended to perceive whole stimulus rather the putting together collection of stimulus discrete parts movement = reaction to structuralist approach o said everything could be reduced to basic elements Movies are made from quickly flashing static pictures. Motion is an emergent property of a sequence of pictures. No continuous movement inacross frames Still perceive continuous motion Gestalt Principles: laws that describe how we organize visual input How we group visual input in certain ways Either born with laws (Gestalt principles) or acquire them very rapidly 6 Gestalt Principles Figure ground: ability to distinguish an object form its background in a visual scene Seeing a vase of flowers against a wallpaper is an example of figureground. Figures tend to have distinct borders that give it form over the background. Small, enclosed region completely surrounding by a larger region background Figures tend to have distinct bordersedges perceptible form 1
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