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Joe Kim

Day 2: Lecture 1: Introduction to Psych 1XX3 1. Nature vs. Nurture a. Are there particular students who are abusing this drink more than others – is there a predisposition for alcohol abuse in the cases? –if there are relatives who are alcoholic, you have a higher chance of becoming one too i. Case Study in San Francisco is looking at many generational (longitudinal) studies 1. Child is given dose of alcohol for first time – and behaviour tested: mainly two categorized a. One group will have high response unlikely to become alcoholic b. One group will have low responsemore likely to become alcoholic b. What are the extent to which nature vs. nurture affect us – gene-environment interactions? i. Is there truth to different personality traits related to child birth order? 1. You can’t really assign people randomly to birth order 2. Hard to measure personality 3. Dealing with preverbal populations for infants ii. Preferential Image task 1. Child looks at two images – eg. Image contrast experiment a. Problems: i. Experimenter bias – experimenter may know which side stimulus is on and baby may follow experimenter’s eyes 2. How do children like to look at faces? – the earliest you can look at eye tracking is around 3 months – Experimenters ask: do children innately look at faces when almost immediately after they are born a. Children’s visual senses are not yet developed – so experimenters simplified face: made face and upside down face (non-face stimulus – control stimulus) b. Experimenters where there at birth and waited for baby to be born, to open eyes and to look at the image c. As it turns out – within minutes of being born – babies actually do prefer at looking at faces iii. Sex and gender and society 1. Gender ambiguous at birth 2. Case Scenario: Hip parents named child storm and did not reveal sex of baby to anyone  caused a lot of strong opinion mostly against this a. One of the
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