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Psych Lecture 3: Evolution and Human Behaviour: Sex Differences in Romance and Risk-Taking  Heritable Variants lead to differential reproductive success  Outcome variance can drive different solutions to the same problems o Variants –how spread out the data is (high variance=more outcomes possible) o Low variance conditions- everyone has similar effect o High variance – a lot of outcomes to happen to you o Key Assumptions:  Behaviours = psychological mechanisms + inputs  Evolved psychological mechanisms are coded in the brain  Evolved psychological mechanisms can be described as information processing devices o Who are the parents of this baby?  In studies where pics of babies are provided with several possible parents – people are generally good at picking out the right parents  1. Genes and family resemblance  folklore that people tend to notice features related to father more than the mother but studies show that people don’t really notice the differences but to tend to say comments about familiarities with father more than they talk about mother o Thought Experiment: Looking for love… o Romance in the friend zone  Harry met sally movie is friendship only friendship or potential romance  2012 study: student 88 pairs of hetero friends  is this really just a friendship  Are you attracted to your friends: Men=Yes -0- Women=No  Is this friend attracted to you: Men=Yes -0- Women=Prob Not  Would you date your friend (regardless of status): Men=Yes -0- Women=No  Different Adaptive Problems  Metabolic demands of reproduction o Men only need to produce sperm o Female need to produce eggs + gestation cost  Parental Investment o Different for men and women o Women gestation + immediate need to take care of child o Men don’t need to stay could couple with many individuals  Genetic Cuckoldry o Male can never be 100% sure that he is indeed a father- have to trust partner that they are in a stable relationship  Perhaps this is why we often see people comment on fathers features in the baby especially from the mothers side of the family o Lifetime reproduction in a natural fertility human population  Surprisingly large # of people who do not leave behind and offs
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